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As if you were home!!!

Apartmans in Budapest at Örs vezér square!
The best solution...

Even conquerors spent couple nights here while they were looking for new home... :)

Our well equipped, clean, cozy and friendly apartmans are waiting for you if you are coming for a short period of time, for couple of days or even for 1 day.

The apartmans are not compatible with cooking-baking events :)

You will like our prices because they are reasonable.
Please take care of the apartmans as if you were home so the next guests can arrive in a nice flat so they can enjoy being together.
Please arrive and leave on time. Notice me if you are late. the maximum waiting time is 10 minutes.

How to book?

Fill out the booking form in the Contact menu or write me an e-mail.
Important: if you have booked an apartman but you can't come please cancel the booking at lease one day in advance!

What kind of equipments can you find in the flats?
Free Wi-Fi in the apartmans.
You can find fridge, water heater, breadcrum vacuum cleaner, microwave glasses, silverware, plates and pots in the kitchen.
We always have clean towels, showergel for women and for men and hairdrier in the bathroom.
You can entertain yourself with a lot of channels; the VHS player is an extra :)
Please inform about the parking possibilities; there is a parking fee on weekdays between 08-18 in Gyakorló street.

Phone.: 06 70 337 9415
e-mail: klick HERE

Please do NOT smoke in the apartmans!

animals is not allowed
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