Guestbook - WEBSITE X5 UNREGISTERED VERSION - Apartmans for rent in Budapest at Örs vezér square! Cheap hostel, flat, apartman, guesthouse!

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Erika and András:
Good everywhere but no place like in the Örs vezér apartman :)
Discret, correct host, clean flat.

Bea and Feri:
Pleasent, nice apartman, next time we will come only here!

Éva and Ildikó:
The best price/value ratio!

Teri and Zoli:

We have come from Tatabánya to watch a theatre play.
The public transportation is excellent, the flat is clean, quite, the host is likeable.

Moncsi and Pali:
When my husband comes home from abroad we always hide here from the eyes of the world. :)
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